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We are all about helping you with your adventure and trips by sharing our own experiences. Whether it is about Travelling,Places or Food, we are providing the best available information to you through Our Blog – “The Tripper Vegster”.

Me and my wife both are working professionals. I am working as a SAP consultant for one of the biggest automobile company. My wife is working as Business Analyst for one of the IT giants of the world. We started “The Tripper Vegster” to share our photos, experiences and stories from our time of travelling.

In our busy lifestyle this is the place where we feel free to share our thoughts and emotions in the best possible way we can . Not only we will show you what to do, but also will guide you to what not to do. We have such a monotonous lifestyle and don’t we want to change that into something exciting. Let us take you on a short journey of ours in such a big world.



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Hello, my name is Aniket Tomer. I am working as a SAP Consultant with one of the leading Automobile manufacturer of the world. I love to play football and travelling is my passion. Apart from travelling I love to write. That’s why I decided to put my love into words and passion into pictures and started this website. Join me on my writing adventure ahead and become a “TRIVESTER”.

-Aniket Tomer

Hi, my name is Apeksha Singh. I am currently working as Business Analyst and I love to explore new places and associated cultures. Since my childhood I wanted to be an Orator to share my thoughts with the people. So, I started to share my experiences through the Vlogs. Join me in my adventure ahead by Subscribing to this site and become a “TRIVESTER”.

-Apeksha Singh

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