Desert Is Calling Part 2: Sam Sand Dunes​

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In previous blog we were exploring the haunted village of KuldharaThose who want to read more about it please check my earlier blog – “Desert Is Calling Part 1. Kuldhara“.Now moving forward our next destination was amidst the mighty deserts of Thar known as Sam Sand Dunes

Sam Sand Dunes

Situated about 20 kms from Kuldhara village lies one of the best tourist spot of Rajasthan. It is among the top 10 tourist spots of Rajasthan and is famously known as – “Sam Sand Dunes”. Mostly people know it as Desert Camp Of Jaisalmer.

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Landscape

One of the best and authentic Sand Dunes site in India is famous attraction for the tourists all over the world. Anyone who visits Jaisalmer can not leave without seeing the Sam Sad Dunes. Famous for desert camping along-with various activities and known as shooting site of some of the famous Bollywood movies the best time to reach is 4-6 am and 5-7 pm during summer and 6-8 am and 4-6 pm during the winters. However, it is better to avoid summers and best time to visit is from October till February. 

Where Are We Staying?

Upon landing in Jaisalmer the very first thing we did was to book accommodation in the Sam Sand Dunes. After scrolling through various websites we decided to rent a deluxe tent in Bhati Desert Camp

TTV Bhati Desert Camp

It took us about 30 mins to reach the camp from KuldharaThere were about 20 tents in the camp arranged in the quadrilateral shape having a common sitting area in the centre of the camp. 

TTV Bhati Desert Camp Inside

Each tent was having an attached restroom and the tents were very well maintained. Two chairs and a small table placed outside every tent was the perfect arrangement to enjoy the vast brown patch sipping a cup of tea or coffee. 

A Village Nearby

After having some morning snacks we decided to go on a little stroll to nearby village. While entering the camp I saw that village. We started to walk towards it and soon realised that the village was too far from what we were seeing. Fortunately a Tractor driver gave us a ride to the village. That was fun!! 

It really becomes difficult to realise distance of a place in such a barren land as places from very far are clearly visible. The village was about 4 km from where we were staying. 


TTV With Village Kids Sam Sand Dunes

Upon reaching the village whatever I have seen in the movies came into reality just before my very own eyes. Small children were playing outside their houses made mostly from mud and woods. Small girls were carrying water to their houses on the head.

Over the course of years I have seen many developments in my city but once you decide to stay a foot outside the city you come to understand the reality. These people are still short of the basic necessities, forget about the development. The conditions are inhospitable and yet these people are living with their own ethnicity. Here the struggle is for living above caste,race or religion. 

Kanoi is the name of this village which has taught me a great lesson of my life, that will live in my memories forever. 

TTV Inside Bhati Desert Camp

Time To Explore Sam Sand Dunes

While I was thinking about the people of the village and my wife was busy with her videos, the care taker of the camp told us to get ready as it was time for the Desert Safari. Ohh Boy that’s right… was time to have some fun. Desert Safari basically consists of Jeep Safari and Camel Safari. 

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Landscape

Jeeps were waiting outside to take us to the Sam Sand Dunes. Luckily we were given a separate Mahindra Thar with a driver to take us to the desert. There was no hardtop so that one could stand at the backside of the car. 

TTV Jeep Safari Sam Sand Dunes

It took 15 minutes to reach the sand dunes and that was when real adventure started. Our driver asked us to hold tight as we were standing and suddenly accelerated the car. Before anything came to our mind, a scream came out of our mouth. 

We were screaming our throats out as the car was moving up and down on the dunes. On some instances we were descending from a very steep dunes as if we were falling into an ocean of the sands. 

After an adventurous Jeep Safari it was time for the Camel Safari. Our driver dropped us near a very small tea stall where near by villagers had gathered with their camels. I think they are getting some share of money from what we are paying by staying at Desert Camps(when activities are part of the package). Those who only booked an accommodation had to pay for each ride whether it was Jeep or Camel.

We had a brief ride of about 30 mins on the camel. For the first time I realised that a camel stands and sits in three steps. Also why Camel is known as Ship Of the Desert. 

A Romantic Evening Amidst Sam Sand Dunes

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Evening Sunset

We sat on the sand dune looking at the lovely sunset. A good sunset is never a moment to miss. A brown patch of land scattered around to the point where your eyes can see and big ball of light mixing its warm color with it, is a moment to cherish.

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Couples

Adding to that a perfect partner sitting next to you is like cherry on the cake top. We sat there for about an hour and took many photographs. Anyhow, we never wanted to miss such a romantic moment and captured it in photos.

Night At The Camp

When sun was completely set, our driver returned to pick us and drive back to the desert camp. At the camp a woman welcomed us in Traditional Rajasthani style and then escorted to the common activity area. 

We could see a large bon fire at the centre of the activity area and three persons sitting with mics and traditional Indian musical instruments. It seems those guys were waiting for all guests to arrive. 

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Night Show

As it turned out those were vocal artists with a mind-blowing voice and a great sense of humour. Please check out our vlog – “Desert Is Calling Part 2. Camping at Sam Sand Dunes” to view whole event. 

TTV Sam Sand Dunes Folk Dance

At some moments a woman dressed in traditional attire danced on the songs and the best part was when she danced with 5 clay pots on her head. Once the traditional program was over it was time for the DJ session. And when it comes to dance – “Nobody Can Stop Me!!!”. We danced for about 2 hours and were the last couple to leave the stage.  

This was really an interesting,happening and entertaining day and lets see what more Rajasthan has in its store for us. 

Interesting Fact : There is a town in Norway just called “A”.

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