Desert Is Calling Pt.4 – Golden City Of India: Jaisalmer

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Top Places To Visit In Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

About Jaisalmer: 

Jaisalmer is famous as Golden City Of India. “The Hill Fort Of Jaisal” was constructed from the yellow sand-stones and yellow sands. In almost every architecture and design these yellow stones could be seen and hence the city got its name “The Golden City”. 

TTV Jaisalmer Fort

After covering Tanot Mata Mandir and Laungewala Post we decided to stay at Jaisalmer city for a day. We already had hired a bike for two days and one day we spent on the border, so it was the time to cover this elegant city. 

Sonar Quila - The Jaisalmer Fort

Sonar Quila or Sone ka Quila(The Golden Fort),constructed in 1156 AD by Rao Jaisal is one of the biggest fort of the world inhabited by more than 5000 people still. Yes, indeed the city and Fort got its name from the ruler. The biggest surprise is that these people don’t have to pay any rent what so ever. 

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This fort is UNESCO heritage site and is living story-teller of the rich history of Jaisalmer City. The Golden fort survived many attacks by the Muslim rulers and Indian rulers. The temples, palaces, houses, courtyards and other buildings constructed from yellow stones and yellow sands can easily deceive your eyes. No surprise if it makes you feel as the fort is really made of gold.

The most famous place of Jaisalmer Fort is the Maharawal’s marble throne at Chauhata square. Jawahar Palace  is another famous place to visit which was residence of the Royal Family. There are four main entrances of the Jaisalmer Fort – Ganesh Pol, Rang Pol, Jawahar Pol and Hawa Pol. The pathways inside the fort are very narrow and connected with each other. Lots of small stores and eateries makes this place very colorful.  

Jaisalmer Fort_2

Rani ka Mahal or Queens Palace is another place to visit inside the fort. However significant part of this area is heavily damaged and major restoration work is going on. Other significant area to visit is Canon Point overlooking the city. 

Jaisalmer Haveli

Fees – Rs 50/- for Indian Tourists and Rs 250/- for Foreigners. 

Distance from Bus Stand – 1.1 Km.

Distance from Railway Station – 2.2 Km.

Nearest Airport – Jodhpur Airport

Gadisar Lake

This lake works as water conservation reservoir as Jaisalmer City is situated within Thar Desert. This lake has many temples and shrines constructed on its shore and is very beautiful place to visit. One can view Jaisalmer Fort from this lake. 

Patwon Ki Haveli

A cluster of 5 small havelisPatwon Ki Haveli tells the story of Gold and Trade merchants from the past. First Haveli was constructed in 1805 by Guman Chand Patwa. As per the legends, he had 5 sons and he decided to build 5 Havelis for them that took about 50 Years to complete. 

Patwon Ki Haveli_1

Apart from trade in Gold and Silver some theories suggests that these guys were seriously involved in Opium smuggling and money lending and made a huge fortune. These Havelis are now under Indian Government and office of Archaeological Survey Of India lies in one of the Haveli

Check out our Vlog – Desert Is Calling Part 4 The Golden City And Jaisalmer Palace for more information about these

Patwon Ki Haveli_3

Bada Bagh

Situated at a distance of a 7 Kms from Jaisalmer City, Bada Bagh is famous for its Chattri Cenotaphs. All of these Cenotaphs have been carved out of sandstone  and have inscriptions about the Royal Family members.  

TTV Bada Bagh

Cenotaphs are not the only reason this place is famous for. It is also famous for the windmills and an Oasis. Yes your heard it right!! Oasis.

Bada Bagh TTV

In order to cope with water scarcity problem Maharwal Jait Singh decided to build a dam at Bada Bagh early in the 16th century. To anyone surprise, it did work and a garden full of mango trees came into the existence. Still the patch is green at this place but not as it used to be in the past.Due to this garden(Bagh) only the place got the name Bada Bagh

TTV Bada Bagh View

Well that sums up our whole 2 days trip of this Golden City-Jaisalmer in the heart of Thar Desert. To check out our whole journey please check out our Vlog –  Desert Is Calling Part 4 The Golden City And Jaisalmer Palace 

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Jaisalmer Fort In Background

Jaisalmer Fort in the Background

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