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Desert Is Calling – Part 1.Kuldhara


Amidst the lonely plains near Jaisalmer lie ruins of more than 200 houses. What could have been a city is far from any kind of human intervention now. This haunted village of Kuldhara once inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins is in ruins from past 200 years and has hardly any house with roof top now. It not only holds the spot for one of the most haunted place but also is very picturesque. 

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There are various places in abandoned village of Kuldhara with eeriness and a feel to them. Whole village is centred around a temple of Mother Goddess.

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On one side of the village lies a small river known as Kakni river and on the other side of the village lies man-made walls acting as protector of the haunted village of Kuldhara

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There are various legends associated with the village of Kuldhara. However, the most significant one starts with a beautiful girl of the village head. At that time Salim Singh was Diwan of Jaisalmer.


Village of Kuldhara was having very few sources of water and the water level was decreasing at an alarming rate. This reduced the agricultural activity by a significant amount. There was a reduction in the productivity but not in the Tax demands by the Jaisalmer state.


Salim Singh felt in love with a beautiful girl of the village. Many believe she was the daughter of village head. Salim Singh decided to marry that girl and asked for her hand. He gave the villagers one day to accept the proposal otherwise they would face the grave consequences. He even sent his soldiers to get the girl for which the villagers asked to return next day. Being Brahmins they couldn’t give their daughter’s hand to Salim Singh and decided to leave the village overnight.

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Meanwhile, other legend tells that another 83 villages also decided to abandon overnight. Now 82 villages have inhabited again but still 2 villages are completely abandoned. Kuldhara is one of the two. While abandoning Kuldhara a curse was put on the village and anyone who tried to settle experienced some kind of paranormal activity or unforeseen circumstances.

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As per another legend, it was due to earthquake this village was abandoned. However, one may refuse this one as why did other 83 villages of Paliwal Brahmin decided to leave along with Kuldhara Village. This is still a mystery that will haunt us forever.

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Archaeological Survey Of India along with the Government Of Rajasthan and with help of Jindal Steels looks after the maintenance and reconstruction of Kuldhara Village.

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They have started by re-instating the village head’s house to its original state which is believed to be centre of most of the paranormal activities.


It was turned into tourist spot in 2010 and has been major source of attraction since then. Also, Jurassic Cactus Park was setup in the Kuldhara Village secured area.

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Some scene of Agent Vinod movie were shot in Kuldhara Village and in doing so vandalized some part of heritage site. The film crew was fined for the same.

Distance from Jaislamer : 18 Km

Nearest Railway Station : Jaisalmer

Nearest Airport : Jodhpur Airport (About 300 Km from Kuldhara Village)


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