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A Day Trip To Sinhagad Fort


This Saturday early in the morning while having a cup of coffee my wife suddenly started talking about Tanaji Malusre. Those who don’t know, he was a great warrior and a loyal childhood Friend of Maratha King Shivaji. He won the Kondhana Fort(Now known as Sinhagad Fort) from Udaybhan Rathod on the same day of his son’s marriage. In doing so he lost his life.


Great Tanaji Malusare Memorial

I decided to write something about Sinhagad Fort having such a great and rich history. Located 35 km away from Pune city standing on the hills of Bhuleshwar range, this fort is witness of so many battles fought.


If you are imagining a fort with thick walls, expensive courtyards, king’s seat, fountains and paintings then you may face a disappointment. However, panoramic view of the landscape, a sheet of milk formed by clouds drifting with very light shower, lush green mountains and authentic Maharashtrian food will leave you spellbound.


Sinhagad Fort Route :

  1. If you are riding a bike or driving a car then it’s very easy to reach Sinhagad Fort. Last time, I started at 9 am from Shivaji Nagar and reached Khadakwasla Dam in about 40 Mins. You can enjoy by sitting on the Shore of Khadakwasla Lake having a cup of tea/coffee and a plate full of bhel. From there it’s hardly a 20 Mins drive to Sinhagad Fort. Please note Liquor is banned and Police may check your vehicle for the same.
  2. By Bus – From MANPA or Katraj Bus Depot the buses are available to Sinhagad Paitha. From there you can catch a cab/rickshaw.


A Choice Of Trekking To Sinhagad:

Once you reach Sinhagad Paitha or in simpler words Sinhagad Village, you can opt to Trek too. The route is mostly rocky and straight up. It is an easy level trek and will take about 1.5 to 2 hrs to reach on the top. If you are an experienced trekker, then it will take hardly 45-50 mins to reach the fort. Park your car/bike at Sinhagad Paitha, where the villagers will charge a very minimal amount.


While trekking you can take short breaks to enjoy eating Raw Mangoes, Corn, berries or even opt for Buttermilk. There are various small huts(stores) or tapris where you can take a short break. These small huts owned by local villagers is a very important source of income for them.

SinhagadFort :

Upon successful capture of the fort in 1670 by Shivaji Maharaj, Sinhagad fort has served as an important military outpost. The signs are clearly visible once you enter the Fort. Most of the part of the Sinhagad Fort are in ruins. The fort houses small ponds which were the source of Fresh water and memorial of Tanaji and Tomb of Rajaram Chatrapati(second son of Shivaji Maharaj).


Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak Bungalow

Dedicated to Tanaji bravery is TanajiKada from where the brave Marathi soldiers climbed the fort and conquered it. Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak met Mahatama Gandhi in this fort only which is one of the historical moment in India’s freedom struggle. There is a bungalow of Lokmanya Tilak also inside the premise of the fort.


Pune Darwaza

Non-vegetarian food, Alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited inside the fort. Sinhagad Fort has two main entrances – Pune Darwaza and KalyanDarwaza. Today people mostly use Pune Darwaza to enter. View from top of the fort is amazing and Green mountains of Western Ghats adds a new flavour to this mesmerizing beauty. Khadakwasla Dam is clearly visible from the fort.


A View From Khadakwasla Chowpati

Inside the fort there is an ordnance room which was used to store the canon and canon balls. On the opposite side of the Ordnance room a narrow entrance takes you to the horse stables.


Ordnance Room

While walking one may come across small eateries shop and can enjoy authentic Marathi food. Kulhad Dahi(Clay Pot Curd) along with Peethla Bhakri and Pakoras are just luscious. Hatti tank is next to these eateries shop. This tank was the biggest source of fresh water inside the fort.


Pot Clay Curd (Kulhad Dahi)

Kalyan Darwaza, mostly used by trekkers is on the opposite side of Pune Darwaza. The landscape and the path to Kalyan Darwaza is breathtaking and scenic.


Last time it took me 2.5 hrs to cover whole fort including time taken in lunch.


Time to visit : July to March. Best time to visit is during Monsoons.


Interesting Fact: During a normal flight the temperature outside your plane is around -60 degree Fahrenheit.

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The Tripper Vegster –

This is not a recent trip and I do not encourage any kind of travel during this harsh time. Please stay safe and maintain social distance to fight against the Corona Virus. A small step by you will lead to a better life ahead.

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