Couple Travellers-Why We Love To Travel Together And You Should Too

Couple Traveller

I met my partner after our marriage was fixed by our parents. We had one year to understand each other and that was enough to realize that we were ought to be the Couple Travellers.


It is said that travelling is the true test of love and my god it is. At first I created a paradox in my mind that travelling couldn’t be that much of a fun with my wife. But after three to four tours I can say that your wife is the best travelling partner you can have. Yeah, I know you have to be a photographer and a driver too, but in this world everything has its own conditions.

Couple Travellers – The Relationship gets a new dimension:

When you travel with your partner, you face many obstacles, challenges and come across many tasks that strengthen your bond with him/her. Travelling can be hectic too,  and at that time it tests your relationship.

Couple Travellers – Moments that are unforgettable:

I still remember sitting on the cliff of a rocky mountain in Goa and watching the most unforgettable sunset of my life while holding the hand of my wife.


You will be writing your own history that can be captured in the camera and your memories.

Couple Travellers – Create a new home:

There is one famous saying “ Your home is where the heart is”. Well, that is true in every sense. When you travel together wherever you stay, the home will never be too far away from you. At-last it is the person you care and love the most that completes your home.

Couple Travellers – Improves intimacy:

There is one survey done by US travel agency in 2013 according to which the couples who travel together are much closer to each other than those who don’t.


It brings a new spark adding a whole new flavor to your life.

Couple Travellers – Makes unpleasant atmosphere pleasant:

Everyone must have faced a situation in their life when they are travelling and not feeling that much motivated. It may be due to food, or expectations from the place, stolen bags or reservation issue. At least you have someone to lighten you up and bring you to ease.

Couple Travellers – You find a real person:

Your wife may be shy at home. She may be always cooking food for you, but when you travel with her you may find the true character of her. Similar goes for husband too.


When someone comes out of his/her comfort zone you will discover the real traits of your partner. The best one is to find how your partner behaves with the waiter, staff and attendants.

Couple Travellers – You have two brains now:

Planning a trip is very hectic and tiresome process. Starting from hotel booking, travel arrangements for identifying the places to visit can put a lot of burden on you. Thus,  having a second brain working with you not only shares the burden but also improves your decision making.

Couple Travellers – Preparation reveals many things:

Your partner while organizing a trip can reveal a ton of information to you. The way your partner will be handling the finances, packing the items, and planning ahead will give you an insight into how he/she will be handling the most important undertakings in your relationship.


Couple Travellers – A time to ask any question:

Having something in your mind that you were unable to ask before. This may be the best time to ask that. And you will be surprised by the reply you will get. Take every reply positively and you will find your partner very closer to you than before.

Couple Travellers – You start to compromise:

Give and take is the basic principle for any human being. Me and my wife have made many trips together and even though our interests are similar, we still experience another side of travel that we might not have experienced on our own.

Travelling together doesn’t come easily, but it gives you a lifetime of memory and you always return happier than ever. I cannot find a better way to end this blog with this beautiful line, “Wherever you go, go with your full heart”.

A weird and funny fact: The pilot and his assistant must eat different food in order not to upset their stomachs at the same time.

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The Tripper Vegster

This is not a recent trip and I do not encourage any kind of travel during this harsh time. Please stay safe and maintain social distance to fight against the Corona Virus. A small step by you will lead to a better life ahead.

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