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Tips for type of food you can carry on a trip

If you have seen the Tour De France, you can easily relate my title to it. Yes, it is about the food that you can have or carry when you are preparing for a long ride.

Food is an essential part of our day-to-day routine. So we can’t neglect it while travelling. Anyways, we are earning for our stomach only. Albert Einstein once said “An empty stomach can’t be a good political advisor”.

As per my experience, here are some of the food suggestions from my side.

1.Candy Bars (Chocolates) :

Candy bars come in a lot of varieties and some of them are expensive too. Full of proteins and carbohydrates with adequate sugar, these bars are energy boosters. On top of that the candy bars are lip-smackingly tasty.chocolate

With very high energy to weight ratio, you can carry candy bars effortlessly to a very long distance. So if you prefer to take candy bars look for one having whole grains, nuts and dry fruits. My personal suggestion – “Snickers”.

2.Cluster of hands –

Rich in potassium and carbohydrates, Bananas gives advantage to your muscles. Thus, one can drive for long with much less strain on hand and legs.

A recent study conducted to decide the effect of Bananas on human body showed that they provided the same amount of energy as provided by commercial energy drinks.


Bananas are a good source of dietary fibres that helps in digestion. Also one of the surprising facts about Banana is that it improves the immune system. Highly rich in Vitamin B6 it provides a stronger immune response to the body. So one can travel longer with less sneezing and cough due to dust.

3.A roll of butter –

Peanut butter with Jam provides carbohydrates and proteins at the same time. The substitute is to use honey instead of Jam. The bread and jam/honey provides carbohydrates and peanut butter is a huge source of protein.


Allergic to peanut butter, one can have an almond butter or sunflower butter. My personal suggestion is to cut your sandwich in half or if possible into quarters and have a piece after 20-25 minutes of ride.

4.The Mix is best –

A mixture of dried fruits and fruits not only tastes good to tongue, but also give a concentrated source of carbohydrates. Apricots, peanuts, almonds when mixed with raisins or other fruit supply energy along-with vitamins and magnesium. One personal suggestion is to have salted nuts if you sweat heavily.


5.Hydration is must –

One can ride on bike without food, but not without water. Always keep yourself hydrated irrespective of weather and season. Have an extra stock of water/juice with you while travelling above an hour.


Alone water is enough, but adding a small amount of black salt and lemon will offer energy and antioxidants. You can carry a sports drink or juice too.

The theme is to keep you hydrated. I always love to carry some buttermilk/apple juice along-with a bottle of water. Additionally, I carry a bottle of juice/lemon juice too. Keep sipping the liquid from time to time in any order.  


1# Make sure to have a healthy breakfast before you start to ride on the bike.

2# Have a room for water/juice bottles.

3# Remember to take meal in smaller proportions while travelling for a long distance. A small meal with mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and essential fats is the best option. Always have a gap of 15 minutes between the meal and water/juice.

4# Stay positive and care less about your fitness for multi hours/days ride. It’s more about keeping your energy levels up.

So guys the world is out there. You just have to take your first step. As I have always said “Be a traveller, not a tourist”. Travel to enjoy the views. Travel to live the moments while out in the wild. Travel to love the ones whom are with you and travel to care for the nature.


An Amazing Fact – Apple Juice has a huge amount of Potassium. A small proportion of food sugar provides more energy. Thus add apple juice to your water bottle or hydration bottle.  

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