A Pair Of Wheels And A Scoop Of Adventure

Travelling By Bike

Everyone in his lifetime for once must have imagined travelling across the various parts of this beautiful earth on a motorbike. However, only very few people dare to do that. Travelling by bike is not that much hard as it seems. Even though motorbike seems very small but when you travel it feels like home to you.

Every time you travel it gives a unique experience to you. It seems you become one with amazing view around you. With the air passing through your hair, sun rays falling on you and the people that you meet on the way give you a sense of total freedom.

For me, a bike is the best thing to use to explore any place. Here are some of the points that I have noticed while travelling on a bike:

1. You are one with the nature :

Imagine you are travelling in a car on a very high mountain pass or by the seashore. Even though you are looking at the beautiful scenery around you, still you don’t feel great. That’s because you are a passive watcher through a frame this time. A driver and his side passenger can only enjoy the moment otherwise, all others have to look through the side window.

On the other hand, while travelling on a bike, you are right there in the middle of everything. You are not a bird confined in a cage. Even the back seated person can have an exciting view.


2. Freedom :

“If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet”. I still don’t remember where I have heard or read it, but when it comes to my mind I start planning my next trip.

While travelling on a bike you are not confined within a structure, instead you drive freely open in the air and can have a stop at anywhere. You are free to take a side road or main road. You can go anywhere you want and can explore the new town and its surroundings alone.


3. Fear and courage 

Now you might be wondering why I have used both the words together. Let me tell you a little true story.

“Once there was a man who was travelling through the unknown parts of Himachal Pradesh. He asked some local people for food and some local advice. They asked him why in the first place he didn’t use his mobile. He replied that it is better to use compass than a mobile to find the track. Better to ask local people than to search online and it is better to eat local food than the exotic restaurant ones. When you travel like this you will find many more interesting places, views, people and food than you can even imagine.”

Before you start a trip on a bike for the first time you always have a fear of the end. Have some courage. Start your trip with a smile on your face. Cherish each and every moment. You never know what the next turn will bring for you.



Unobstructed 180 degree view for you always .A plain flat road or a bouncy bumpy road in front with a beautiful view on left and right. I can’t picturize the same while travelling through bus or a car.


5. Off road trips and meet the locals :

While travelling through Goa many times I took an off-road and found some extraordinary views. While travelling through a car you always have a fixed point in mind where you stop it.

Instead of having a stop in North Goa where most of the time is spent with booze and in pubs I decided to discover Southern Goa on the bike. And believe me, I found South Goa quite exotic as compared to North. I even stumbled across many beaches which were even untouched.

Meet the locals. Taste their food. Be a local rather than being a tourist and you will find many places not mention anywhere in travel books.


6. Travelling By Bike Is Cheap :

Now this point may seem somewhat funny, but is a very interesting point for the travellers. Riding on a bike will cost many times less than driving in a car. It will cost around 10$ per day in most part of the Asia along with petrol. And if you own a bike, it’s even better. You can save a huge amount of money that can be used in other activities while travelling.


7. Be an explorer, not a tourist :

While riding a bike you feel more like an explorer, whom can take any road to reach his destination apart from usual roads. It’s more like an adventure trip rather than a sophisticated tourist trip.

You have to sort out many things. You have to carry your bag pack on a bike properly. You have to find your own way. Sometimes you may end up with a flat Tyre but you have a puncture kit for that. There is nothing that can’t be sorted out in the end. And when the trip ends you have a beautiful tale to tell.

Believe me, even though people may have gone to the same place, but you will have more adventure during your trip.


Tips :

1. Keep the Tyre pressure in check. While riding on the highway in summers please keep the pressure below the standard. Due to heat the temperature rises and hence the air expands too. Over-pressure may lead to Tyre burst.

2. Keep the most essential items with you as you have very less travelling space.

3. Always keep yourself hydrated. Have at least one water bottle with you always.

4. If you don’t know the area, owe a map. If you are more of a gadget freak always cache a map of the area before travelling.

5. Have a faith in you. If you are a starter, try your first trip outside of the city. Exploring a less crowded place will give you more confidence on the bike. Avoid busy city for your first adventure.

6. If you are renting a bike, check it thoroughly. Check the fuel pipe, tyres, headlights and most importantly fuel. Take the pictures of bike from every angle and make sure the owner sees it. They may charge you for any damage you won’t be even aware of.

7. Always wear a helmet. You have to save your head to show your hairs. Proper clothing is another aspect of riding on a bike. Always wear long pants and long sleeve shirts in case you don’t have proper bike accessories. Don’t wear flip-flops while driving. Have a pair of sturdy shoes with you.

8. Last but not the least! Don’t copy any fellow driver. You know your skills and drive accordingly. You don’t have to show your speed to them rather you have to enjoy the adventurous tour you are on.


So guys, boot up. Take out your gloves. Put the pant and shirt on. Wear your helmet. And get ready for a thrilling and wonderful experience of your life. Make your own tale. But keep in mind always drive safe.

Interesting fact – Mrs. Sally Halterman, from Washington,D.C., was the first woman to be issued a license to ride a motorcycle in the year 1937.

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