Top 10 Food Joints In Pune You Can’t Afford To Miss.

Top 10 Food Joints Of Pune

Pune is an emerging IT hub where people from all over the country are working day and night. Surrounded by green mountains, the people from different generations are working very hard to fulfill their dreams.

In between the tiresome schedule everyone gets a craving to visit any food place/joint. Being from Delhi I know the importance of the street food and how it appeals to someone. Pune is no less behind to Delhi in terms of food junctions.

Every place in Pune has its own history associated with it. So without any further ado, here is the list of top 10 food junctions/places to visit in Pune.

Please note that the list(Top 10 Food Joints In Pune) is purely random in nature and doesn’t rank any restaurant or food joint.

1. Vohuman Café

Thinking about having a tea early in the morning with bread omelette. Well this is the place you must go to. Irani Chai (Tea) with Cheese Omelette and Bun Maska joints.

On weekend you have to wait for some time to get your seat. The price is pretty standard and is a must visit place.

Price Range : Rs.250 for two (approx.)



2. Vaishali 

Vaishali can be considered to be one of the most popular restaurant of the Pune. The ambiance is very youthful and beautiful. Students from different colleges can be seen here. Cheese Uttapam and Masala Cheese Dosa are very delicious.

The price are very decent and the weekends are pretty crowded. If you are looking for a good South Indian food, this place is one for you.

Price Range : Rs.500 for two (approx.)



3. Kayani Bakery

A very old school bakery that still looks like 70’s bakery. Shrewsberry Biscuits, Mawa Cakes, Chocolate Walnut Cake, Zie Wine Biscuits, Brazilian Nut Biscuits, Orange Cookies, Buns, Bread Rolls and the list doesn’t even have started.

The price is pretty reasonable and is located at one of the best places in Pune. The aroma makes you feel hungry and the sweet tastes makes you crazy.

Emigrated from Iran, the owner Hormuz and Khodanar Irani started it in 1955. Mawa Cakes and Cream Roll Puffs are amongst the favorites.

Price Range : Depends on the purchases.



4. Supreme Pav Bhaji

Ever heard of a place where the tokens are allocated at very fix time (8pm) everyday and that through SMS. Seems very modern but Supreme has been following it from the past many years.

Very small place crowded with customers it stands at the heart of Pune. Apart from Pav Bhaji you can have Veg Pulav, small Pizza and Jal Jeera. Thus if you are looking to fill your appetite with Pav Bhaji, you should head to Supreme but you have to try your luck to get a place.

Price Range : Rs. 200 for two (approx.)

supreme Pav


5. Marz-O-Rin

It is one of the first fast food establishment in Pune. Founded by Mr Sheriar J Sheriyarji with over 150  food items it is located in the heritage building and will give you Irani cafe look. Thus ambiance does not disappoint you at all.

Located in the heritage building it promises you to give Irani look. Ambiance doesn’t disappoint you at all. The balcony seating overlooking the MG Road is the best place to sit.

Having self service system, the prices are on the fairer side. Red Velvet Pastry, Thick Shakes and Trademark Chutney Sandwich is must try.

Price Range : Rs 300 for two (approx.)

Marz O Rin

Marz O Rin (2)

6. Goodluck Cafe 

Another food joint on FC Road. Established in 1935 by Mr. Hussain Ali Yakshi, it is one of the oldest Irani places in Pune.

Most famous for bun maska/bread omelette and Iranian tea,doesn’t disappoint you at all. The place is always crowded and filled with youngsters. On weekend it gets even more crowded.

Even on very tight budget you are certain to get your breakfast. On the very first look the place doesn’t appeal to you, but as soon as you start eating you keep on liking the cafe more and more. Anyways the food matters must even you are hungry.

Price Range : Rs 100 to 500 for two


Good Luck Cafe

7. Shabree

While in Maharashtra, if you have not tried Maharashtian food, than certainly you are missing something good.

Located on FC Road, Shabree is known for its traditional Maharashtrian Thali. This is a place where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your friends or family.

Served in brass bowl you will not find any part of your Thali empty until unless you ask the serving person to stop. Ambiance is too family style but it is food that matters.

Price Range : Rs. 350 per person.



8. Om Jai Shankar

One of the most favorite place for girls in Pune. Jai Shankar Pani Puri Wale can be considered to be one of the best street food joints in Pune.

The perfect blend of sweet salt and spice makes this Pani Puri best in town. Located in camp Pune the place itself is lively enough to make your moments more happening and cheerful.

As soon as you try Jai Shankars Pani Puri you will notice why everyone goes gaga about it. So next time when you are in Pune and nearby camp, don’t forget to try this place for smacking Pani Puri and Chaats.

Price Range : Rs. 50 for two(approx.)

Pani Puri

Jai Shankar Pani Puri

9. Bedekar Misal

Located in Narayana Peth at the heart of Pune City, it opens by 7 am. Misal Pav is one of the famous food of Maharashtra and is a must try.

Full of spice and chilli, Misal Pav keeps your tongue on fire. However it’s unique taste of sev mixed with onions and spicy gravy gives you the true flavor of Maharashtrian food.

At Bedekar Misal you will get two slices of bread rather than the Pav. You will be surprised by the taste at such a normal shop.

Price Range : Rs. 200 for two(approx.)

Bedekar Misal


10. JJ Garden Vada Pav

Opposite to JJ Garden at camp stands a Vada Pav stall since 1972 serving more than 2500 Vada Pav a day.

Always surrounded by crowd it is a local favorite. The wait for your turn at such a simple and small place is absolutely worth it.

Price Range : Rs 100 for two(approx.)

JJ Garden Vada Pav

JJ Garden Vada Pav (2)

Some worthy suggestions : If you don’t have tight budget and want to look for some happening place than German Bakery and Pune Coffee House are the places to explore.

So guys if you are staying in Pune or have a plan to visit Pune than you must try some or all of the above mentioned Top 10 food joints in Pune. To put in simple words from Paul Prudhomme “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

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